Apparently, I’m Delicate

I was doing so WELL.  I was tossing kettle bells around like crazy.  50 lbs? Pffft piece of cake.  Bench press?  No problem.  Hop on the treadmill: easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Joking around with a friend and feel (and hear) a pop in my neck and OH MY GAWD what just happened?!?!?! Yup.  That happened.… Continue reading Apparently, I’m Delicate

Summary – December 12-18

This week the wheels came off the fitness train.  My foot was still feeling really sore after my date with gravity so running seemed like a bad idea.  Then having to unexpectedly run Piper to the vet first thing in the morning really upset any work-out plans for Tuesday.  Somehow she developed an abscess on her… Continue reading Summary – December 12-18

A Summary…finally

One of the problems with country living is that one can quite easily go over their wifi allotment, leaving one with internet service that is slower than molasses running uphill… in winter. Now I finally have enough time to sit down and waaaaiiiiiiit as every page loads. Winter finally came to southern Ontario so I… Continue reading A Summary…finally

Some of the kit

I’ve spent a lot of time going over that last ultra marathon and I think it goes without saying, I have been bitten.  I think I was bitten that same day when I crossed the finish line: tired, muddy, sore and thought “huh I think I could do another 20 kms…” So was I happy… Continue reading Some of the kit

Summary August 29 – September 4

I was still feeling wiped from my Saturday run so Monday I took it easy to recoup. Then Tuesday I was all set to go for a run once the heat died down but a massive thunderstorm swept in to kill that plan so I spent an hour on the elliptical and did some weights. … Continue reading Summary August 29 – September 4

Summary July 25 – 31

I think this week has been the most that I have ever run.  I’m happy with that in itself but I also spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights on my feet walking all night long at work. I didn’t track that distance since it was a lot of slow meandering.  I actually looked at the… Continue reading Summary July 25 – 31

Sometimes the Drama is After the Run

July 25 – It.  Was.  Hot.  So hot.  In the interest of avoiding overtraining and dehydrating, it was just a short 10 km run around my local dirt roads.  Needless to say the run slow since the air was so thick you could actually feel it wrapping around you. As I was walking home my… Continue reading Sometimes the Drama is After the Run

Plans Thwarted (July 14-17)

July 14, 2016 With my legs still screaming, I decided to make today a cross-training day.  The heat and humidity were still oppressive even with all of the windows open in my workout room.  After 30 minutes on the elliptical, I was soaked and there were sweat drops on the floor all around me. Then… Continue reading Plans Thwarted (July 14-17)