Summary – March 20 – 26

OK let me just start off by saying that I’m a bit cheesed with myself.  It wasn’t that long ago when I would run double digits for a training run and now here I am barely crawling through seven kilometre runs.  The fact that I’ve been having nagging issues with my foot does little to… Continue reading Summary – March 20 – 26

Summary March 6-12 (AKA how I discovered gravity)

Back from vacation and into the real world.  Ugh.  Now despite taking a ton of opportunities to get out and hike with my dogs, the exercise was far from intense.  In fact the only thing that was high intensity was the eating.  Ya there was a lot of that.  My plan when I got back… Continue reading Summary March 6-12 (AKA how I discovered gravity)

All About a Summary (February 13-

Yes I’m a bit late with the summary.  Work got a little kinda sorta ca-ra-zay. After the gluttony of the previous foodie weekend and an almost healed foot, it was time to get my butt back in gear.  The runs were short but I wouldn’t call them easy.  With my spikes imparting a newfound sense… Continue reading All About a Summary (February 13-

Summary December 5 – 11

Hiiiiiiiii folks.  This week was going so well and I was getting back on track with running and weights and planks.  That’s right: PLANKS!  My diet was not too bad and my liver was staying intact (well until later this week when I have my work Christmas party). Then one of my dogs tried to… Continue reading Summary December 5 – 11

A Summary…finally

One of the problems with country living is that one can quite easily go over their wifi allotment, leaving one with internet service that is slower than molasses running uphill… in winter. Now I finally have enough time to sit down and waaaaiiiiiiit as every page loads. Winter finally came to southern Ontario so I… Continue reading A Summary…finally

Summary – November 14-20

Wow!  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done a summary.  So exciting. I’ve been keeping the distances pretty short, with my longest runs being seven kilometres.  And no real speed or hill work yet.  My left hip is still giving me issues so I haven’t even been doing any weights besides a few easy… Continue reading Summary – November 14-20