All About a Summary (February 13-

Yes I’m a bit late with the summary.  Work got a little kinda sorta ca-ra-zay. After the gluttony of the previous foodie weekend and an almost healed foot, it was time to get my butt back in gear.  The runs were short but I wouldn’t call them easy.  With my spikes imparting a newfound sense… Continue reading All About a Summary (February 13-

Everything I know About Running I Learned from Riding

Inspiration for training can come from any aspect of your life and I think that if you borrow from what you already know, it can help you progress faster than you thought you could. I grew up around horses and when I got older, I took a lot of pride at being able to develop… Continue reading Everything I know About Running I Learned from Riding

So am I an Athlete Yet?

I read a post on a Facebook page that I follow and the poster made an interesting statement: they said that all athletes are runners but not all runners are athletes.  Their reasoning was based on an obstacle course that they had recently participated in.  Along with the other competitors, there was an elite-level ultra… Continue reading So am I an Athlete Yet?