I was never the athletic kid growing up which was a pattern that continued into adulthood.  I started running because of a man.  A horse really.  I was rehabbing a retired senior and my coach would call for walk breaks because she could hear me breathing over him.  Well how’s that for embarrassing?  I figured that if I expected him to get fitter, then I had to uphold my end of that deal and get fit too.

It was the end of a long-term relationship that really got me going on a healthier lifestyle. I wasn’t happy with how I felt and I figured that now it was a matter of curb appeal.

Five years later and I’m still single but since 2014 I’ve run several races including a marathon.  Now my sights are set on ultra marathons and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The healthy part can be the most difficult bit because I LOVE TO EAT.  And working in downtown Toronto, well it’s a foodies dream.

And then there is the work thing.  I work as a first responder (I won’t say paramedic or fire or police) so running has also become therapy for me.  I can drown out everything in the pounding of the pavement.

So what is this blog about?  It’s about the stuff I learn while running, from gear to fuel.  I’m not a serious competitor and I don’t live around running and races.  I’m a normal girl who will still pound back a couple pounds of wings and some beer then spend a run the next day trying to keep it down.

Enjoy the run and happy trails.