Home for a Rest

That is the title of the ultimate Canadian party song by Great Big Sea.  If you’re in a bar and this comes on, you’ll quickly see who the Canucks are.  Here’s a link if you want to check it out.

And yes I did get back from vacation a little while ago.  Unfortunately I came back just in time to do a load of laundry, mow the lawn (after buying a lawn mower) and head back to work.  OK I had a few days but I was in ass-drag mode so it felt like there was no time in between.

See I have something of a road trip obsession since it allows me to see everything AND bring my dogs.  Over the course of almost three weeks, the dogs and I drove down to New Orleans and then drove up the Great River Road that runs along side the Mississippi River.  It was amazing.

We did not get as much hiking time as I would have liked to because of intense rain and unbelievable humidity.  But we found amazing places to eat, saw some incredible sights, and had a trip that I will never forget.

Most important, I came back and was not dreading going to work.  Or rather, I wasn’t almost in tears at the thought of going to work.  I had work piled up from before I left and somehow that pile got bigger while I was away.  And I kind of didn’t care.  I stopped and did some workouts.  I’ve been almost consistent with running, although I’ve been keeping it conservative with 5 km easy runs until I get back into the swing of things.  That little twitch in my back keeps reminding me that it’s there every so often so I haven’t been hitting the weights.  And for food?  I’m actually being mostly good.  I even have (gasp) veggies in my fridge.

Here are a few pics from the start of our trip.  If you are curious enough to stop by, the dogs have their own blog: AdventureDawgs.

Brothers: Jack and Leo.
Piper checking things out.
An album cover if I ever saw one.
After a ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia.
It’s all upriver from here on in.
A quick stop in Jackson Square, New Orleans.
Of course I had to have crawfish.
Best. Donuts. Ever.  The Donut Shop in Natchez, Mississippi.

9 thoughts on “Home for a Rest

      1. Hm good question, for the same reasons you see PoojaG has been keeping me busy with tags and awards as well, lol.! just when I think I have nothing to write, I get nominated, must be that type of season! LOL


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