I Haven’t Exercised In Like a Month…

And what have I learned?  Surprisingly I didn’t put on a gajillion (can’t believe that’s actually a word) pounds.  My brain didn’t explode from stress.  My blood pressure didn’t shoot through the roof.

I have lost some muscle tone.  My already scrawny wrists are even smaller.  There’s a bit more squishy around the waist.

But want to hear something crazy?  I actually feel good about that.  Yes I have lost some of the fitness that I had gained.  Yes I have put on some weight.  Now it feels as though I have control over it.  It’s no longer a desperate almost obsession.  The pressure to get in a workout or my cardio would suffer.  Cut back on food or I’d put on weight.  Have to lift this or run that.

I actually feel empowered, as though running and exercising is a decision I choose to make and not something that I have to do.  Now I want to get my shoes on instead of looking at them with something akin to resentment.

Is it just me or does it actually make sense?  Has anyone else ever had the same feeling?

19 thoughts on “I Haven’t Exercised In Like a Month…

  1. I’m looking forward to reaching my weight goal, so I can share that feeling! Because, yes, as much as determined as I am, after a year, there are times when I resent the diet and exercise.

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  2. I love this post. Seriously I can relate. After my injury, I just can’t run at this point. (Going on 2 months…no running) Now, because I fear for my family’s safety, I do still work out. 😉 BUT and here’s the big but (and luckily it isn’t mine) that I have been forced to change things up. Which I know I should have been doing a lot sooner but had this crazy notion that if I wasn’t running, I wasn’t exercising. Now, I have found weights again, which has helped with my rehab. I found biking and have gone back to a regular Yoga practice. I think it is essential to take these breaks for our bodies and our state of minds. Enjoy your time off!

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    1. It’s crazy isn’t? How we compartmentalize the different exercises. If I wasn’t “in training” it seemed like other stuff got pushed aside. I’m hoping your rehab keeps going well and you ca get back out there soon.

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      1. Thanks! The sun is making it very tempting! Was in the trails for a hike over the weekend and felt pretty darn good. 🙂

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  3. Wow girl! Has it really been this long? I couldn’t imagine going that long unless I had to, ya know. I love how it makes you feel though, because it is like saying you survived and made it out alright without exercising on daily basis. It was almost as if it was liberating for you. I know it had cons, but as long as you are okay with it, I think that is all that matters 😀 #noregrets 🙂


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  4. Not really. If I dont run in more than a week, I feel like a slug. I only quit for a month last year when I had an injury. I hated the inactivity and did alternate exercises just so I wouldn’t lose tone and become squishy.

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  5. Sounds like you’re on a great path nonetheless…doing ANYTHING regularly is better than nothing!! And in time, get those running shoes back on for light runs!! 🏃‍♀️

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