I’ll Have an Order of Motivation With a Side of Fries

Lately my motivation to do anything has been shot.  Long hours at work has left me drained of energy and my days off are an attempt to take care of the things that I have been neglecting, like cleaning and the pile of laundry that still manages to accumulate.  OK it’s not that huge but I hate seeing it pile up.  And don’t even get me started on the dishes…

It wasn’t until I sat down to type this out that I realized how burnt out I have been feeling.  Even my days off don’t feel like my days off as my brain still manages to run through all the things that I forgot to do at work and all the things I have to do when I get back.

Then I’ll think “I should go for a run” and immediately think “I should walk the dogs” or “I should sweep the floor” or “Squirrel!”.  Heck I even turned the dog’s annual visit to the vet into an all-day affair (and if you’re curious about how a visit to the vet led to “missed opportunities”, a chatterball, a trip to a brewery, and ribs, click here).  I’m just shamelessly posting my dogs because they’re so darned adorable!  Oh and the aforementioned ribs.

The sad part is that it’s not difficult for me to swing weights around or hop on an elliptical or do yoga all in the comfort of my own home; I just don’t want to.  I know this has happened before so it’s a phase that I’m sure will pass.  Maybe part of it is because of all the aches and pains lately or maybe the aches and pains are symptomatic of a lack of conditioning.  Who knows.  What I do know is that I’m still staying somewhat active, even if it is just walking with the dogs, hauling firewood, and a whack of gardening.  And I have some trees that I have to cut down and chop up so that will definitely get some muscles screaming.  I’m also going away for a couple of weeks soon and there won’t be any heavy-duty workouts, although I may try and incorporate some HIIT stuff that I can knock back anywhere.

Food wise I’m in the process of emptying out the fridge. I did have to stock it up with lots of veggies to get me through the next week which is more full than it’s been in a while.  Well full of more than wine and beer.  Which is weird seeing as how I really don’t drink much.

And I’ve been playing with my new cutting machine.  Here’s a few of my latest creations.

Until next time friends.  Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things next week.

11 thoughts on “I’ll Have an Order of Motivation With a Side of Fries

  1. Love the shirts! I think it’s normal to go through such a phase after working a lot … just been there and still working on getting my head back into it.
    Nothing wrong with taking the time and relax to catch up imho.


  2. Yes, loving the puppies! And the creations! Especially that last one! My step-mother liked calling herself a witch, and she would’ve loved that. BTW, I think chopping down trees and such definitely count towards one heckuva workout! Talk about some ouchie muscles! 😲

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  3. Hey!
    I feel you on the whole work load and coming to a point of having so much to do and feeling like you have so little time. Not to mention, you having to keep up with the blog, that also is time-consuming as we both know and love to do. I have had aches in my upper back lately and it could be a sign of overtraining or just the seasons changing and giving my body grief. I finally have come to terms that I may need to get a second job soon or possibly a better paying job soon, as I have more responsibilities than I can actually afford these days and it is causing major stressors. I am trying to not be too overwhelmed and just breathe but other days I want sit at my computer and ball and throw things around until my heart is content. Ribs do sound really good, thankfully summer is on its way and I might be lucky enough to have some. I like your ideas for the shirts, they are very creative and I don’t think I have seen those sayings before (not recently anyways) and so, I think they will be awesome to give away at running events or sponsor them at events or whatever to make some cash and motivate people to stay active, drink beer and wait for the caffeine to kick in.

    I have noticed you have posted on Instagram in a while either, LOL .. not that it is on the most important lost of important things to do. Hope you have a wonderful trip,
    P.S yes, your dogs are quite adorable and take wonderful pictures.


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    1. I used to be really concerned about not training every single day and felt like a wuss as people around me were looking really hardcore. And there were times when I ignored all the little signs of needing a rest. Then I’d be laid up with an injury so I’ve learned that if I’m really not doing well, there’s a reason for it. Supporting a small zoo on my own is a bit of a stress and then a job that comes with a good deal of stress does not help at all. Even checking my social media accounts is a pain because my internet is so finicky. Yes it’s a first world problem for sure.
      I’m glad the shirts are getting good reviews. I like making them and once I get good at it I would be all for doing stuff. I made the mistake of telling some of my co-workers and they were all over me to make gear which is really cool. I haven’t posted on instagram because there really hasn’t been much. “hey here’s a plate of ribs” doesn’t seem post worthy.
      I’m sure there will be some pics of the dogs from the trip and hopefully in some beautiful outdoor settings.

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      1. This makes sense, this is one of those things I adore about you, knowing you have REAL life issues and admit it, you don’t beat behind the bushes, you say it and mean it. It is what I enjoy about reading your post as well – which is why I typically always leave a comment because your post are engaging and real. There are plenty of people posting pictures of ribs on Instagram! lmao. you can do it too! follow the crowd for a couple of likes and a follow! LOL.
        Yes, so you can be your own little shirt factory, soon you will be universal and millionaire who talks about beiing a millionaire! lol

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      2. Thanks. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. I figure there’s enough supposed “perfect” out there. I’m not perfect as evidenced by the late reply 😉 Who wants to be a millionaire anyway? Too much pressure. hehe

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  4. Ok first, I don’t know if I ever tell you how obsessed I am with your writing and humor. It’s perfection. Second, I have this theory that March/April/May are the three energy sucker months. It’s like the adrenaline of a new year has worn off, but the weather can’t decide if it wants to be warm yet… and I swear the indecisiveness of the weather wears on us too! I always get especially low energy and down this time of year, but when summer hits it all turns around! I bet you will be out of this funk before ya know it 😉 Just rest up and enjoy those ribs in the meantime! Have a great weekend, Kristal!!! ❤

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