Hello Friends. It’s Been a While

Yes I know I’ve been MIA for a bit.  Let me explain.  See I live in the middle of nowhere which means that I have satellite internet service.  It is slow.  Notoriously slow.  And if I use up my allotment, well it gets even slower.  Just checking up on posts can be problematic and if I want to comment…well fuggetaboutit.  I’ll click the comment button and nothing.  “Come on…I have so much to say!!!!  Noooooooooooooo.”  OK that’s not entirely accurate as there are usually a bunch of curse words and threats to throw the computer out the window.  I have actually gone and sat in coffee shops just to catch up or post but with the nearest coffee shop 20 minutes away, that takes time.  And it gets to be an expensive habit.  I mean, you can’t just have a coffee.

Then there was work.  It’s been busy.  Nuff said.

There were several workouts and meals that I just forgot to keep track of so I’ll sum up some of it:

I did not one but TWO 10 km runs.  Two days in a row!  Yay.  This is the most I’ve run in forever.  I made sure to go slow and take it easy so there wasn’t even much muscle soreness.  Wahoo.

Bumped up the kettle bell swings to 50 lbs from 40 lbs.  That was fun.

Bench presses up to 25 lbs.  Haven’t done that for quite a while.

Unforunately it wasn’t all good.  I was doing deadlifts and somehow I let my right shoulder drop which torqued my back a bit which meant I was favouring one side a bit which meant I was twisted and caused my hips to lock up which meant I’ve had just awful headaches for a few days.  So today I finally got in for a massage and almost fell asleep on the table.  Not kidding: I drooled.  Then went and fell onto the couch.  Piper has never being one to give up the couch easily and she decided that I was going to be the little spoon.IMG_0785

As far as food, I’ve had no motivation to really cook anything.  The most adventurous I got was to take some beans that I had accidentally opened, dump them into a pot with some fried off bacon and onion and add some artisanal ketchup.  BAM instant almost baked beans.

I did go to a Japanese fusion restaurant called Moji in Markham.  First of all, the drive was absolutely infuriating.  The traffic was stupidly busy and the parking lot had no spots despite the fact that the lot is quite large.  Even worse was the fact that the signage was lacking so there I am driving laps around this large plaza looking for a spot and for the restaurant that I was going to.  Oh and when I say the signing is lacking, most of it isn’t English.  Needless to say, when I finally did get the car parked and find the restaurant, I was in a bit of a cranky pants mood.  The food was pretty good so that made up for it.  Almost.

And last but not least, I got a new toy (add excited clapping and giggling).  I got (ready for it?) a die cutter.  OK that doesn’t sound very exciting but this allows me to cut, among other things, vinyl.  And why is that exciting?  Because now I can make my own T-SHIRTS!  YEEEEEEEEEEES.  And I’ve been vinyl-izing everything for practice.

What are the best T-shirts you’ve ever seen?  I need ideas.

14 thoughts on “Hello Friends. It’s Been a While

  1. Love the DIY! Now if I could come up with something original. Have you seen the “run all the miles” tee shirts? Run all the miles eat all the pizza/ drink all the beer/ eat all the cake/ etc…those are funny.

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  2. So basically I didn’t know you like Japanese food, the only thing I have had that was Japanese was shrimp and sushi! lol 😀 I do however, love Chinese food. The beans looked really yummy btw, not going to lie, for it to be basic, it still looked very good!

    I have no idea what kind of T-shirts I like, I mean I know what kind I wear but not sure if you mean to run in or everyday T-shirts?! lol 😀

    Love seeing the bench press and deadlifts, do better on the deadlifts! lmao.. jk but seriously Happy Easter and missed your blog post 😀


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    1. Oh my I LOVE Japanese food. And Chinese. And well…pretty much all of it.
      I just want ideas to put on shirts because it’s fun and I can.
      I’m trying to be better with the weights. I notice your cardio too…just saying’. Hehe.

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      1. Oh you want ideas to put on shirts, not shirt design ideas! lol I was confused. >.< of course I was. I think you should put on the shirts "Run Forrest Run" hell, I might make a shirt that says that myself and copyright it! lmfao
        me and cardio have been improving our relationship but I am still not making it my favorite! lol

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