Summary – March 20 – 26

OK let me just start off by saying that I’m a bit cheesed with myself.  It wasn’t that long ago when I would run double digits for a training run and now here I am barely crawling through seven kilometre runs.  The fact that I’ve been having nagging issues with my foot does little to console me and makes it even more frustrating.

Now I’m not beating myself up and wallowing in self-pity.  I have been doing different types of workouts to keep things interesting.  And I have done a few weight workouts to supplement the little runs that I have been doing.  Just none this week.

Work hasn’t been super stupid crazy busy but there were a few workouts missed because of it.  But I’ve been dealing with something else that’s been a bigger hinderance to my exercise: lack of sleep.  I’ve had sleep issues before but lately it’s been even worse and my brain just won’t shut off.  The worst part is that I’m not thinking about anything in particular, just the hamster in my brain keeps running.  I couldn’t help myself and added photos of my dogs.  These little monsters have no trouble getting to sleep.

Now enough about all that.  Here’s my summary and let me just warn you: it’s a short one.

Monday March 20 – busy

Tuesday March 21 – super busy

Wednesday March 22 – hey I got on the elliptical for 40 minutes then did, well I don’t know what you call them.  Start in a high plank while holding 5 lb dumbbells and pull up alternating weights.  I shall name them: plank rows.

Thursday March 23 – So busy I forgot to eat while working then went to meet a friend.

Friday March 24 – 6 km trail run (38:38 minutes)

Saturday March 25 – Girl’s Lunch!

Sunday March 26 – 7 km trail run (47:09)

Now to be honest, even when I miss a workout at work, I do still get some exercise in.  I take the stairs every chance I get and I’m a bit of a wanderer.  My Suunto watch recently started tracking steps and I usually get in over 10 000 steps so at least I’m not just sitting at a desk.

And for food.  I ended up in Scarborough (east side of Toronto) one day and stopped at a Caribbean restaurant called Nicey’s.  I ordered the stew chicken dinner and it was so good, I had to fight the urge to lick the plate clean.  It was just.  That.  Good.

Stew chicken, fried plantains, and rice.

Then on Thursday, I met a friend who was passing through town.  From Nice.  In France.  We ended up at a restaurant called The Craft that has a selection of 120 beers.  Yes the selection is just that good.  We shared an order of popcorn chicken and yummy cheesy nachos.  Now I didn’t really like dark beer until I had one called Aphrodite and it was like a choir singing around me.  I has none of the Guiness bitterness and wonderful notes of chocolate.  Now that I think about it, it would be really good with a brownie.  Or use it for a float with vanilla ice cream!  Or coffee ice cream!!  Oh I know what I’m doing this summer.

Saturday afternoon I got together with a bunch of girls from school at Urban Pantry.  It’s hard to believe we’ve known each other for 30 years.  Wow.  I ordered the special, a bison burger topped with goat cheese and pepper jelly with cajun fries.  The cool thing about the burger is that it was made from bison raised at a farm that just opened up the street.  How’s that for local?  I’d had bison in South Dakota before but this burger was better.  But my pepper jelly is (ahem) better.  Then because everyone else was ordering a dessert, I had to get one too.  Listen, when it comes to sweets, I am totally with the peer pressure.  I had a cookies n cream brownie.  Yummy.

Then on Sunday I made my own version of aloo gobi: I cooked some chopped onion and garlic in a splash of vegetable oil over medium high heat until soft.  Then I added a good sprinkle of curry powder and ground cumin to let the flavours brighten.  I dumped in two chopped sweet potatoes, the florets of a head of cauliflower, a drained can of chickpeas, a can of tomatoes, and a splash of water.  Cover and let come to a simmer until the veggies are soft.  Then I added some frozen edamame and a squeeze of lime juice and some hot sauce.  That was pretty much it.  Until I added a big handful of baby spinach to the bottom of my bowl and a huge spoonful of garlicky hummus.  It was so satisfying and so simple and made a huge pot to keep me fed for a while.IMG_0720

So here’s hoping next week is a better one.  I have a feeling that once I get a 10 km under my shoes, everything will start to get rolling again.  Fingers crossed.

23 thoughts on “Summary – March 20 – 26

      1. That isn’t the case. It rocks actually to think how much unfitted and fatter I was 2 years ago 😁 I also know much more and am better at shooting straight horizon Dawn photos (in my head).

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      2. I was thinking how when you’re starting out, everything is an unknown and you have no reference. Then when you have to take a break, you have a comparison. And I do not know how you, or anyone, gets up that early and runs. Never mind taking awesome dawn shots.

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  1. Hello Pups! how are you little cuties doing , looking so adorable in your selfies 😀 make sure to add those photos on Instagram! ha
    I have never had Bison before, seems fairly interesting, does it taste like regular hamburger or no? probably a dumb question but i am curious. I don’t particularly like beer and especially dark beers so that would be a no go for me. I can totes get down with the dessert, not much of a sweets person and hardly ever if ever order dessert when eating out, but it did look really good (i love cookies and cream)

    As for the chicken and nacho cheese, those are always good 🙂 can’t make those go wrong, even one tried! I love having them stacked high! (the nachos) with all kinds of toppings, no plain Jane here! lol. How did your planks go over? I did some today and they hurt more than usual >.< ugh.


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    1. The little minions are spoiled rotten as always.
      Bison is good. It’s meaty but with less fat than beef so it can be dry. If someone gave you a bison burger you probably wouldn’t notice a difference. I am all about dessert and have a massive sweet tooth. Best part about adulting is having cake for breakfast.
      Naaaaaaachooooooooooos rule.
      The planks were ok. I noticed a soreness in my upper back and it took me a while to figure out why. Which I guess is good because it’s working different muscles. Going to add these to the rotation for sure.

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      1. Hmm, Okay. Well that is a good thing that is has less fat than beef, because they can make a difference and means it is a healthier option compared to beef?
        I have felt some pain in my upper back during planks too, I am happy you mentioned, is that of the norm? or should we be second guessing it? lol. How long do you like to hold your planks?

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      2. The lower fat is better health wise but means it can dry out faster so you have to be careful with cooking. And because it’s wild, there’s no worries about hormones or other issues with commercial farming.
        My soreness is just from using different muscles. I don’t feel anything from normal planks so I guess that’s ok. If I’ve been good (which is rarely) I’ll start at 30 seconds and add 5 seconds each subsequent day. I’m never good for very long though 😜

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      3. Ahh okay! that is awesome, no worries about hormones, definitely a plus and something I will want to try 🙂
        Also, I thought you mentioned how you enjoy doing 2 minute planks daily when you wake up! lol . Could have sworn you mentioned this to me! lol

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