Summary March 6-12 (AKA how I discovered gravity)

Back from vacation and into the real world.  Ugh.  Now despite taking a ton of opportunities to get out and hike with my dogs, the exercise was far from intense.  In fact the only thing that was high intensity was the eating.  Ya there was a lot of that.  My plan when I got back home was to ease into working out again.  Problem was that I had a ton of work that I wanted to catch up on so my workouts suffered significantly while I was at work.  Yes I could have worked out before work but if I have to choose between rest and exercise, usually rest is going to win.  And there were times when traffic slowed me down so much getting into work that I wouldn’t have been able to do much anyway.

Friday I went out and hit my favourite set of trails.  They are hilly and single-track and they wind through forests and even though everything looks kind of bleak right now, in (hopefully) a few weeks, the hills will be blanketed under trilliums and trout lilies and dappled pools of sunlight will break through the tree cover.  I had meant to bring my spikes but as we had had a big thaw, I figured that I would be able to navigate around any icy patches.  And even though my phone said there was a windchill of -21 celsius, I just had to get out there.  For some reason I felt the need to drive there with my neck gaiter up over my face.  I couldn’t figure out why the odd looks from other drivers until I looked in the rearview.  Ohhhhh riiiiiiight.  Thankfully I didn’t have to stop at the bank on the way.  That could have been awkward.  I parked and soon was moving along the trails, gingerly picking my way along the frozen ground.  I felt a tension I hadn’t known was there slowly melt off into the forest around me.  The first little bit of the run is usually the part where I feel disjointed but that eased off rather quickly.  I was rounding a bend, shortening my stride to prepare to lengthen once out of the curve…and my left foot slipped right out from underneath me to the left and my right knee cracked right into ice.  I’m not sure if I landed on my hands or knee first but I stayed frozen for a brief moment as I did the hurt inventory.  You know what I mean: that head-to-toe scan where you evaluate where it hurts and how bad.  I stood and stretched my knee as I looked at my impression in the light dusting of snow.  Such perfect handprints next to a twisty mass.  It looked so funny (or maybe that was adrenaline) that I took out my phone to snap a pic as I flexed my knee and it was so cold that my phone died.  Well so much for pretty trail photos.  So after a few short steps, I set off again.

Maybe I should fall on every run because even though this was the first time I’ve done real trails in it seems forever and the windchill was minus ridiculous, I felt like I was moving smoothly and easily, as though I could go on forever.  Unfortunately forever was cut short when flurries suddenly descended on the forest.  And as much as I needed to feel the sting of ice pellets, I needed to get home safely even more.

The next day I expected to see all kinds of interesting colours on my knee but there was nary a mark.  Not even any soreness.  But for some reason I didn’t feel like running, perhaps because it was still cold and yucky out and I didn’t feel like running around home again and even less like getting in the car.  So I had the brilliant idea to do a Tabata-style HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit. Tabata’s usually involve doing an exercise for 20 seconds hard then resting for 10 seconds and repeat for a set amount of time.  Most people I know do each exercise for four minutes then move on to the next.  Because I hadn’t really done any kind of workout like this in forever, I was going to hedge my bets by running through a circuit.  I carefully crafted out a list and wrote it down:

  • burpees (exercises of torture)
  • push-ups
  • dips
  • jump squats
  • mountain climbers
  • plank
  • alternating superman (lay face down on the floor and lift alternating and opposite arms and legs)

I set up the stopwatch on my phone, made sure the area was clear around me as the dogs like to creep up on me, and hit start.  By the first rest, I was already questioning my sanity.  And even though I had the sheet written out and sitting right in front of me I completely skipped over things and screwed up the order and somehow never did push-ups.  I stopped the timer after the first set and was about to walk away when I had to pause: why was I stopping?  Because it was hard?  That’s the whole point.  I’m never going to get better at anything if I walk away at the first sign of difficulty.  So I put the phone back down, turned the timer back on, and leapt and jumped and cursed and nearly bounced my face off the ground until I did the second set.  Problem was my math skills are lacking at the best of times and for some reason I didn’t realize I had short-changed my workout by a lot until a lot later.  And my brain was lacking oxygen for sure.  I did some stretchy and relaxing yoga to ease the non-stop shaking in my legs.

Then on Sunday, I went for an easy run around home.  My calves were tight so I didn’t want to stress them out too much.  It was still bloody cold but it was sunny and pleasant.  I went home and decided to break out the old foam roller.  Now I should put a warning tag on my foam roller: sometimes it helps, especially my outer thighs.  But there have been times when I have rolled my calves and been left hobbling for days.  I don’t go at it too hard and I don’t rest my entire weight on it.  I just let the weight of my calves rest on the roller and flex and straighten my toes like everything and everyone says you’re supposed to.  About an hour later, I stood up and knew right away I was in serious trouble since both of my calves were tighter than a drum.  Crud.  It’s going to be a long and painful few days to come.

Coaches Leo and Jack.  They look unimpressed.

March 6 – Treadmill 40 minutes with some faster intervals at the end

March 7 – Damn work

March 8 – I just want to exercise

March 9 – Is that really too much to ask?

March 10 – Trail run 7 km (54:59) and the day I got re-introduced to gravity

March 11- HIIT and yoga

March 12 – 7 km roads (47:45) and the f&#@?%*g foam roller

The diet has been good but nothing really exciting to talk about.  I was so good at work and only ate the food that I brought.  OK except for one day when I had curry chicken with rice and beans.  But that’s healthy so it’s alright.

Breakfast was either my usual scrambled eggs with one egg and eight tablespoons of egg whites with a whole wheat english muffin or the same mix made into an omelette with some smoked cheddar and salsa.  Then for dinners and lunches, I like to cook up a steak and split it into three or four meals and have that with some roasted sweet potatoes.  This week I made some spicy chickpeas that were supposed to be crispy but not so I tossed those in with the sweet potatoes.  A nice arugula salad with segments of blood orange and a scattering of raw cashews showed up, tossed with blood orange olive oil and espresso balsamic vinegar.  During the work week I like to keep things simple just for saving time and brain power.

Do you have any go to meals?  Especially for taking to work or dealing with a hectic day?

31 thoughts on “Summary March 6-12 (AKA how I discovered gravity)

  1. I have so much I want to say to you after reading this!!!!! Where do I start this time?! hmm.

    1.) You need to skip out on work and just exercise! hell run to work and back home! be the next forrest Gump! LOL I may consider running with you, but only for a short duration of time – long enough to be there for when the tabloids show up, lol.
    2). I can’t believe you fell.. next time be more careful! We can’t have you on the bench. The team needs you.
    3) You did Tabata? I have never done it, but have seen some ladies at my gym do it, seems to really work up a sweat (you chose some difficult tabata exercises) Do you like doing tabata? will you be doing it again soon?
    4). You love burpees, next time do weighted burpees and tell me what you think. 😛
    5)Have you been logging your meals into MyFitnessPal?
    6). I love your cute little pups!! they need more Instagram pictures! haa
    7) your dogs need more blog time! lol
    8) your dogs are so extremely little and cute
    9)I want to kidnap your dogs
    10) My go to:
    I have been eating 4 eggs scrambled for breakfast/lunch with added veggies and sometimes I mix in bread pieces to make it more hardy! lol and then add hot sauce and cheese! lol
    Dinner: no go to meals, I meal plan whatever I am in the mood for.


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    1. Oh my. I’m going to try and answer all of this:
      1) I would give up work in a heartbeat but I’ve gotten really fond of eating. And given that I’m over 50 miles (92 km) from work each way, that’s quite a run. But if want to come and do it with me, it’ll be fun. 😉
      2) I can’t believe I fell either. Actually I can’t believe I’m not hurt even more cause it sure stunned me for a bit.
      3) You’ve never done Tabata? Try it and get back to me. I can see why people love it and I’ll likely do it again when I feel like I need to abuse my body.
      4) Burpees were invented by sadists. Like 50 Shades of Fitness going on.
      5) Yes i have but I missed a few days while on vacation.
      6) The dogs have a bigger social media presence than I do. Which isn’t that hard really. But can I have something for me? Hahahahahahahahaha
      7) They can make cameos.
      8) The boys are little and cute. My girl is big and gorgeous.
      9) I hear that a lot.
      10) Never heard of bread mixed into eggs but that makes it like a bread pudding so dessert for breakfast! Well done. Cheese makes everything wonderful.
      I’m the same with dinner. I’ll often have stuff planned out then it’s time to make something and it’s not anything close to what I planned. I don’t have the discipline for meal plans so good on you.
      Whew. Did I miss anything? 😉

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      1. You answered everything! Did it take a while, were you swearing by the time you reached the end of it all!? lol. It was a mental workout, you can thank me later! 😀
        That’s funny that the boys are the small ones, lol. I love big dogs too, she gets cuddles and sweets from me too!
        I had never heard bread mixed into eggs either >.< I was being weird and experimenting around – it taste good though. Meal planning can be tedious, this is why I only make the meals last 2-3 days instead of weeks like some people. lol. Not to mention, not a big fan of having to clean all the dishes all the time.
        The dogs need to be on Ellen, truly they do 😀 get them endorsements! haha. oh and you? well who cares! lmfao. jk. I will give Tabata a go, and give you my opinion, don't expect it to be a good one, considering I might just do the workout you did to save me from thinking! lmfao.
        You need to keep up with Instagram and add more pictures daily! Uhm, you are slipping up!! & make sure to write in the days you missed, so all your MyFitnessPal's will know 😀

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      2. Haha well I certainly think the dogs deserve to be adored by many. You get get on the horn with Ellen and make it happen. I know I’m just the banker and driver and provider of food and I’m OK with that. And Piper will not let you give anyone snuggles before she gets them. The advantage of being bigger is she can push them out of the way.
        Oh I cannot wait until you share your thoughts on Tabata.
        It’s hard doing IG posts if I don’t do anything. And it’s been so cold that when I’ve tried taking pretty trail photos and the phone dies. But I will try and do more coach.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Bahahahaha! you have been like the 2nd person to call me coach, as a matter of fact, PoojaG called me “social media police” because i always remind her to check social media and use it! lol I think I might become your social media coach! :P:P I know how much you enjoy taking selfies. I might wait a year to do Tabata when I am in better shape and grow balls! lmfao

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  2. Ha! I am wearing more layers and it is 20° warmer!
    As for food … I don’t think I can be of much help, as my taste has changed so much and by now I think hummus is the most awesome thing. Maybe you could try making a giant portion of anti pasti. That can work with anything over the week , even meat 😁. Also love tools like my rice cooker … saves so much time and beans and brown rice are pretty much an awesome and cheap base food.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t like hummus all my life 😀 I got the rice cooker for sushi … I do use it frequently. It has a thing where you can put some veg on top so it gets done at the same time. They are quite cheap. You can also make quinoa in it 😀. Now if someone would do the chopping and clean up …

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      2. Yes. You don’t need it if you are not lazy. Not for taste I think. Total convenience. Mine has a ‘keep warm’ feature, so I can either forget I am cooking or be on a call for longer etc. Got it for over 10 years and use it once a week at least. You don’t need one … shouldn’t get one. You will have more time to run and that can’t be a good thing, because you need more food 😂
        I guess it depends how often you eat rice, sushi, milk pudding, quinoa etc.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh sorry I wasn’t aware we are going for helpful 😆
        Let me try this: do you have kitchen real estate issues and do not eat those foods at least twice a week? Yes = don’t get it. No? Stop procrastinating there is no reason to not get it. Either way all will be good. At least you would have a reason to blame me in the end if it was the wrong choice.

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  3. Oh, ouch! Gravity sucks!! I wouldn’t have even got out from under the blankies in those temps!!
    But you’ve inspired me with your question of ‘why are you stopping.’ Yeah, it is supposed to be hard, but I had forgotten that. Thanks! You rock!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’m just telling like it is because I think sometimes we get swept up in things and expect it to be easy. Some social media personalities will have you thinking they wake up 10 lbs lighter and 10 times faster than the day before. Me? You’re along for the real story: the good, the bad, and the ugly 😁

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  4. Are those tattoos on your feet?!? I LOVE THEM!

    And shooooot- I know that feeling of sitting totally still waiting for the pain to just hit like a boulder ☹ I’m glad everything ended up being ok in that instance- yikes, close call! That ice is NASTY! Sorry your calves went down though- AHHHH I hate that feeling! At least you have those cute pups next to you to keep you company! My go to meals are either giant vegetable salads with hummus and a black bean burger or a sweet potato and salmon! For taking to work or packing for lunch: No Cow bars and a wrap with hummus and veggies! FEEL BETTER! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. The ones on my left foot are actually my boxer’s paws prints shrunk to fit of course. It took days for me to be able to walk normally. Of course it’s only a matter of time before I forget and roll again so I’m sure there’ll be another post. I find that once I start with the hummus I just can’t stop. Is that a bad thing?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is too cool! And heck no that’s not a bad thing about the hummus (I’m the same way so I’m naturally going to justify it for you 😉 ). Sometimes I make a wrap with hummus that I dip in hummus. DJ loves it too so we always have about three tubs of it in the fridge at all times. Got to have choices based on the mood, ya know?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m all about the choices. Although I will say that roasted garlic is my favourite. But I’ve never dipped a hummus wrap into hummus. Hmmmm I have noticed an abundance of chickpeas in my pantry that may go bad. In the can. Ummm ya.

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