Review: Kahtoola Microspikes

What’s this?  A product review?  Of spikes?!  The fact that I bought these while there was still snow on the ground is impressive for a procrastinator such as myself. I got so excited about them that I posted a pic on Instagram before I sat my butt down and thought about what to write.  “Hey check my review…eventually I’ll put something up.”

They aren’t pretty but they are effective

OK So here we go:

When I was looking into spikes for winter running, there were two brands that kept popping up: Yaktrax and Kahtoola.  The Yaktrax ones that I looked at did not seem to be aggressive enough for my needs and appeared as though they would roll off easily in deep or loose snow.

Aggression does not seem to be a problem with the Kahtoola.  I mean just look at them!  I feel like I could climb a tree.

Still holding onto the snow.

They do have a bit of weight to them with a manufacturers listing of 11.5 oz (5.25 oz per side).  Out of curiosity, I weighed them on my digital scale and registered 12.0 oz for the pair.

They slip on very easily and are so secure that there is no way they are going to slip off.  The rubber appears to quite tough and I’ll be surprised if I break them before the snow is all gone.

The grip was incredible.  At no point did I feel any slippage, even when dealing with narrow trails on a hill.  To be fair though, the temperature has been going up today so the ice on the roads was either completely melted or very thin and rotten.  The snow on the trails, while deep, was a good thick packing snow and not the loose stuff that makes you flounder.  I did run through some unpacked snow that came about mid-calf and had no issues besides burning thighs from lack of work.  The extra weigh may have also contributed to fatigue.  It is noticeable but not a deal-breaker for me as it made running in the snow much more enjoyable.

The Lowdown

Make/model:  Kahtoola Microspikes

Cost: $79.99 + tax at Mountain Equipment Co-op

*I should note that this same product was listed at Bass Pro for $69.99 but were out of stock.  They were also listed on but for a stupidly high price.  As in over $200!! Seriously folks on Amazon???

Construction: Heavy rubber in black or red that slips over the shoe with chains that cross underneath the sole.  Thick spikes at the forefoot and heel provide traction.

Weight: According to the manufacturer, they weigh 11.5 oz.  According my digital scale, the pair weighs 12.0 oz.  That’s 6 oz per shoe.  Yes they are a bit heavy and if they are holding snow it feels a bit clumsy, but I feel it’s a fair trade-off to stay vertical and avoid twisted ankles or tweaked knees.

Warranty:  Comes with a two-year warranty.

Verdict:  So far I’m loving them.  The fit is secure and the grip is as much like velcro as one can get in deep Ontario snow.

***One more note:  I have received no compensation for this review.  Just want to get that out there.***


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