Summary – December 12-18

This week the wheels came off the fitness train.  My foot was still feeling really sore after my date with gravity so running seemed like a bad idea.  Then having to unexpectedly run Piper to the vet first thing in the morning really upset any work-out plans for Tuesday.  Somehow she developed an abscess on her neck and when I came home after working three hours of overtime, I found this oozing mess on her neck.  Fortunately with some antibiotics she’s all better now.

Poor little muffin.

I had my work Christmas party and spent the night dancing the hours away.  And by dancing I mean frenetically thrashing about, no doubt leaving several people with motion sickness.

My youngest nephew turned five and Saturday we had his birthday party.  Starting to feel a bit of a bug and the sore foot killed any desire to do anything.

Then Sunday while trying to muscle a new snowblower and shovelling some snow I was left with a tweaked back and barely able to do more than walk and sit.  Forget leaning or bending.  I took this photo and then a buttload of snow fell before I could get the blower out.  In fact snow was falling as I was blowing snow around.  See I didn’t think the snow blowing thing out and was blowing snow onto places I had already cleared so I ended up having to clear places more than once so it took me twice as long which did not help my back at all.

Monday December 12: 35 minutes elliptical

  • Lat Pulldown (1 set/12 reps at 50 lbs, 2 sets/12 reps at 60 lbs)
  • Incline Bench Press (3 sets/12 reps with 15 lb dumbbells)
  • Bent-over Barbell Row (3 sets/12 reps with 15 lbs dumbbells)
  • Kettlebell Swings (2 sets/12 reps with 35 lbs kettle bell, 1 set/12 reps with 40 lb kettle bell)
  • Lunge with Bosu (2 sets/12 reps with 15 lbs dumbbells, 1 set/12 reps with 20 dumbbells)
  • Bent-leg Deadlift (3 sets/12 reps with 35 lbs dumbbells)

Tuesday December 13:  Vet run

Wednesday December 14: 40 minutes elliptical

Thursday December 15: Dance Par-tay

Friday December 16: Please make the earth stop turning so fast

Saturday December 17:  Birthday time

Sunday December 18: Trying to figure out a snowblower and having to walk the driveway several times counts as exercise and shovelling a whack of snow is a strength work out for sure.

Food wise was actually pretty decent.  Nothing really bad but not a ton of vegetables or fruits so I’m wondering if that’s part of why I was feeling so yucky.  I haven’t really done any grocery shopping so I ended up buying my lunch more than I like to.  Working almost straight evenings can complicate the shopping experience, especially since I live 20 minutes from the nearest grocery store.  There used to be a few 24 hour grocery stores on the way home but they’ve all changed to normal people hours.

My biggest lesson that I learned is an important one: if you’re making overnight oats for breakfast, don’t use a huge jar.  It’s awkward to try and leverage out your oats that are swirling around the bottom with a spoon that barely reaches the goodness waiting for you.  Oh and steel cut oats are not the best thing to use.

So much for breakfast.

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