Summary -November 28 – December 4

Last week was an up and down week as far as exercise.  I was really good at the start of the week but that was completely derailed by the Fentanyl conference I attended on Wednesday and Thursday.  For some reason, by the time I left I was utterly exhausted.  I had even packed some running clothes but sitting in my car I was getting the head bobs so continued home.  Unfortunately by the time I dragged my sorry backside into bed, I could not sleep.  At all.

Saturday I participated in Toronto Santa Crawl.  Yes you read that right.  A pub crawl where everyone is dressed like Santa.  So I may not have done a real workout but I made up for it by dancing the night away.  And spent Sunday recovering.  Lots of recovering.

Monday November 28: 5 km trail run (36:23)

  • Upright Row (2 sets/12 reps-10 lbs dumbbells, 1 set/12 reps-12 dumbbells)
  • Bench press on Swiss Ball (2 sets/12 reps-15 lb dumbbells, 1 set/12 reps-20 lb dumbbells)
  • Lat Pulldown (1 set/12 reps-50 lbs, 1 set/12 reps-60 lbs, 1 set/8 reps-70 lbs)
  • Side Plank (30 seconds each side)
  • Plank (45 seconds)
  • Toe Taps (30 seconds)
  • Bent Leg Deadlift (1 set/12 reps-25 lbs dumbbells, 2 sets/12 reps-30 lb dumbbells)
  • Lunge with Bosu (3 sets/12 reps, 15 lb dumbbells)

Tuesday November 29: Treadmill 3.75 miles (40 minutes)

Wednesday November 30 and Thursday December 1: Conference

Friday December 2: Hiking with the dogs.

Post-hike snooze on the couch

Saturday December 3:  Dance dance.

Sunday December 4: Please turn the sun down.  Just a bit.

Now on the plus side, my diet was much better (if you ignore a liver trying to climb out of my body on Sunday).  I did meet a friend for a birthday sushi dinner on Sunday.  It was good.  It was so good.  It was so good I didn’t take any photos as we shovelled fish back.



10 thoughts on “Summary -November 28 – December 4

  1. I LOVE that you had birthday sushi! Now, that is a birthday properly celebrated. Also- that santa crawl sounds like a riot!!! What fun! Tis the season for making memories, a little extra food, and learning to self forgive for all the extra 😉 I say you are doing a wonderful job!

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  2. Woah! I only came for the workout! nothing else matters! told you, I smell lifting from miles away.. xD

    You do deadlifts? and you are lifting again!!!. i am very pleased and condone this behavior to the fullest. these should be posted all the time now, because I am getting used to them… don’t take them away!!!!


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