Summary – November 14-20

Wow!  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done a summary.  So exciting.

I’ve been keeping the distances pretty short, with my longest runs being seven kilometres.  And no real speed or hill work yet.  My left hip is still giving me issues so I haven’t even been doing any weights besides a few easy upper body exercises.  And I took Saturday as a rest day and did an entire hour of yoga.  An hour.  A full honest-to-goodness hour.  I was counting down the time about halfway through.  I was pretty sure that at one point every limb would give out and I’d do a not so graceful yogic face plant.  Namaste that.

I’ve been trying to do at least some of my runs on trails.  The trails near my house are not very challenging and it means I don’t have to drive anywhere.  The down side is that I walk my dogs through this area all the time so it gets a bit repetitive.

Sunday was the first day that it actually felt like winter.  When I woke up I found a dusting of snow on the car.  I guess now I have to dig all the winter running gear out of storage.  For some reason, my run felt really good.  It may have been the fact that I took it easy yesterday (except for that hour of yoga) or my body is finally remembering what it feels like to move.  It’s taken long enough.

Diet…wellllllllll…see here’s the thing: I was on a course all last week and I didn’t feel like fighting through crowds of people to get groceries so I bought my lunches a lot and then scrounged stuff together at home for dinner.  And for the most part my lunches were fairly healthy.  Except one.

Some of the folks in class were talking about restaurant called The Burger’s Priest and one item called “the option”.  It’s portobello mushrooms around cheese and deepfried on a bun.  The way they made it sound, I expected a monstrocity of buger goodness.  So I went there for lunch.  What can I say?  It sounded like a challenge.  When I looked at the buns on the griddle, I realized there were no monstrocities here.  I ended up getting “the priest” which was the option on top of a cheeseburger.  It was good. It was quite good.  Just not $12 good.  I think the guys were taken aback when I told them that I could have finished a second one.

But that small indulgence has been balanced out with some good meals that were heavy on vegetables and healthy stuff.  Maybe not a lot of salad-type stuff but I did make one of my absolute favourite (and quick) meals: soba noodles with lots of veggies in a gingery orangey beef broth.  All I do is heat of some no-salt beef broth (and yes I used store bought for this) with some minced ginger, minced garlic, and a spoonful of marmalade.  While that comes up to a boil, I chop up veggies and that can be anything that’s in the fridge.  Because I don’t like to fuss with multiple stages (because if I’m cooking this my brain is on autopilot) I shred carrots instead of slicing them.  Once the broth is boiling, I toss in the soba and in no time they’re done.  If I have something tougher like broccoli stems, I add them them to the broth with the noodles.  I do the last minute flavour adjustment with some soy sauce, hot sauce, sesame oil, and sometimes fish sauce.  Then add in the veggies.  The heat of the broth warms them through.  If I have tofu or leftover meat, I add that with the vegetables.  It may not be authentically anything but it is fast, tasty, and *gasp* good for you.

So here’s the breakdown:

Monday November 14: 5 km (32:19 min)

Tuesday November 15: 5 km (40:19 min) this run was through some very technical trails but I forgot my headlamp so stopped sooner than I had wanted to when I could barely see the trail.  My bad.

Wednesday November 16: 50 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday November 17: 7 km (45:29 min)

Friday November 18: 5 km (31:52)

Saturday November 19: did I mention an hour of yoga?

Sunday November 20: 7 km (44:00 min)


19 thoughts on “Summary – November 14-20

  1. Those go-to soba noodles you just whipped up out of nowhere look& sound amazing! I never thought of adding marmalade. I eat those ramen packs a lot & add veggies and egg but i never thought of doing it this way with the broth! Lol im so happy there is a not so horribly processed way to make this quick dinner :))

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  2. Hey!
    I had a burger yesterday too! I didn’t cheat or crash my nutrition, because I wanted a damn burger and ate the whole thing, no regrets. I am starting to now keep track of my calories again and macros – not fun but I need to do it, in order to make sure I am doing what I need to do with my nutrition. Helps keep me orderly, especially around the Holiday season. I haven’t done any fantastic cardio, I should be doing my warm ups a lot better, but have been having my own isl fsues there for whatever reason, I shall figure out.
    Did you enjoy yoga? I haven’t yet done it, but someone told me to find something on YouTube and get started at home on my own time, I may do that – to experiment with the idea of me doing something to take me out of my comfort level. 50 minutes on the elliptical seems like death; thinking about it. I am happy you put times next to your distance. With all this running you do, do you find yourself losing tons of weight? I am just curious, because I may need to follow your regimen for myself! lmfao. although it would destroy my strength gains.. so I wouldn’t go as long as you most likely. Anyways, good choice in eating a burger! cheers

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    1. There are few things in life that can’t be fixed with a good burger. Or pizza. I would be dropping a ton more weight if I was more diligent with tracking my diet but when I was doing that, I wasn’t enjoying it and it was stressing me out. I find the yoga helps to counteract imbalances and prevents over use injuries. There are a lot of yoga on youtube but I go to Yoga with Adriene. Her programs can be as challenging as you want them to be but her whole mantra is to do find what feels good instead of the hardcore do this posture like this. And she has routines for everything from weight loss to sleepy time. I’ve been having issues with weights so I guess we’re both having areas to work on 🙂

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      1. Oh so you used to calorie count too?! wow! this is awesome, because I was going to ask if you wanted to start if up again with me! lmfao! jk. Have you thought about doing it again though- tracking your diet again? OMG!!! WHAT IS WITH EVERYONE SAYING THE WORD YOGA TODAY!!! lmfao on and off screen, that has been the word of the day today!!! LOL this is so crazy!!! people keep telling me to try yoga, ugh.. I may give in.

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      2. Hahah Hey! I just recently joined back on MyFitnessPal, we should be buddies on there too! just so I can torment you on that App as well 🙂 haha. Jk. but seriously, we should be friends on there. Why aren’t you always 100 percent honest with it? LOL what is holding you back from telling it the truth.
        Also, I look at Yoga and think to myself, nap time 🙂

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      3. I find that when I’m in training I’m more dedicated but when I’m just toddling around then it’s more of a reminder. Are you you on the app? I’m a different me (heehee). And as far as yoga goes, I did a 40 minute fat burning session and my abs are screaming at me today and my arms are jell-o. But for me gym time is booooooring.

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      4. Oh okay, so aren’t you always in training? like training mode? for the next race, I didn’t think yall have time to take breaks really.. ya know because you have to stay on top of things! lol. Like for instance during Holidays and there are feast, do you pay attention to what you eat or no?
        Also, Yoga has fat burning exercises? that is interesting. Habahahahah gym time can be boring, especially when you don’t have a plan, like me today lol

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      5. I like to maintain a base level of running but not the crazy kind of mileage that I do when I’m leading up to a race. Over the holidays I do pay attention to what I eat and try to maintain a somewhat healthy balance but I’ve been known to indulge quite a bit. And the fat burning yoga had my tummy burning for days. DAYS!

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  3. I love reading your recaps!!! Sounds like that burger was too good to pass up- I have that same mindset.. when something THAT good comes up you have got to just indulge!!! Worth it- life is short 😉 I am pescatarian, but if there is a super delicious meat something-or-another, I have to try it for the experience! Also.. I wish I could convert KM to miles in my head… haha, but it seems like you are doing great work! Woohoo!

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    1. You must have access to a-freaking-mazing seafood! Why would you need to wander into meatland? I do the km to mile conversions when I run to keep my mind occupied. 5 km=3.1 miles. When I want to feel badass I go to km. When I need to focus on ho much is left I go to miles. By the time I get it all sorted out I’ve usually gone a km or a mile. Me bad math.


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