Slowly Getting Back on Track

Damn time change.  Spring forward fall back my ass.  I finally start getting back into the exercise groove, and I lose an hour of daylight.  Stupid daylight savings time.

So the week didn’t exactly go as planned: after coming back from Ottawa (and hauling my coffee table inside the house all by myself like a boss #beastmode) I was determined to go for a run on Monday.

And then Monday came.  And Monday was SPECTACULAR.  I mean OMG.  I threw the dogs into the car to take them for a hike.  And about 20 seconds down the road, I busted a U-turn to head into town.  There are other trails and I had to pick up dog food anyway so it just made sense.

There are a couple of trailheads close together and I headed to the one that is slightly farther south.  Usually there is no one there and when there is another car, we don’t often see people.  Which is great so I can let the dogs run off-leash.  Tired puppies=happy mommy.  I didn’t even pull into the parking lot because it was CRAMMED.  Must have been a meeting of a local seniors club.  Crap.With another U-turn, I went back to the other, busier, trail.  And yes it was busier so we went the opposite direction from the main trail.  My friends, the fall colours here in southern Ontario were just amazing.  And watching the dogs run and root around in the fallen leaves made whatever ails may have been lurking in me just vanish.  Fresh clean air and then sound of crackling leaves and the wind gently brushing by you…pure bliss.dsc06460

dsc06464Evenutally we made it home after the dogs visited with their many fans.  Seriously I was actually told by the staff at our local pet store that I’m not allowed there without the dogs. I’m pretty sure they were kidding…

Once home, I had firewood to stack.  See I live in a cottage and I heat my house with wood over the winters.  And for some reason, I decided to order three bush cord of firewood even though I had probably one whole bush cord left over from the previous year.  Just for reference, go find a corolla.  Three bush cord makes a pile bigger than a corolla.  I know;  I’ve checked.  I had stacked most of it already but this was the day that I stacked the rest.  One of those necessary tasks that I keep putting off.

Well I did it.  Finally.  And ohhhhhh baby did I need to stretch after.  I cannot remember how many yoga stretches I had twisted myself into.  And my left hip was still giving me some issues which didn’t help.

Tuesday I ran.  Finally.  I don’t even know how far I ran because I forgot to check the charge on my watch and it was dead.  So I guesstimated five kilometres and set off.  It was actually a good thing because I had to remember how to pace myself again.

Then Wednesday I had a friend who took a mental health day from work.  When that happens, that’s a friend that needs a friend so I loaded the dogs up again and we met him and his dog for a good, long, venting, mind-clearing, soul-searching hike.  By the time I got home, it was almost dark and I am lacking in reflective gear.  But I wasn’t too upset by it as our hike had been a very hilly one and I was still feeling a bit sore in the back.

Thursday back to work.  Yay.  With my hip still a bit tight, I just did 50 minutes of hill work on the elliptical over my lunch hour.  And the same on Friday.

Saturday I had the “it’s now or never” feeling and did 40 minutes on the treadmill.  The weirdest thing about it was how at first it was sooooooo hard and I was counting down the minutes, calculating how long I had to go before I could stop.  Normally it takes at least 10 minutes of running to settle.  But this time, once I was going for over 20 minutes, it seemed to get easier.  It became comfortable.

When I run on the road, it usually takes about five kilometres to settle and loosen and find my stride.  It seems that even with so little running, I still have that feeling.

Sunday I decided to give ‘er a little and when I hit the treadmill over lunch, I added a bit of elevation and some speed work, alternating one minute jog and incrementally increasing speed intervals.  And I need to REALLY start working on my speed again.  Since I don’t have any races in the immediate future, I can start to add more speed instead of focusing only on distance.

And for the food?  Weeellllllll not the best week but not horrible.  I’ve noticed that when I start to really pay attention to my fitness, I tend to eat a lot better.  It’s not like I consciously watch what I eat, but I find that I want better food.  Not to say I don’t still want the odd bit of chocolate or a glass of wine but I find myself craving more nutritious food.  Which is good because it forces me to cook more.  Which means I have to go grocery shopping in the worst way since I have a fridge that contains little more than a few jars of condiments and beer.  Ahem.  Add that to the “To Do” list.


14 thoughts on “Slowly Getting Back on Track

  1. Hahha. This post had me laughing in several places. I do have to say I felt like I was the only one annoyed with this time change, so I’m glad I’m not! Even though we gained an hour of sleep it has thrown me all off and I get tired way wayy too early now. It’s so confusing. Loved reading this- and I am so impressed how you build those fires! Can’t wait to hear how this journey continues for ya

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  2. Agree…stupid time change…I hate that it is dark at 5. Altering my routes through the week but I feel like I will be back at the gym on the treadmill soon. 😦 Love your updates! You signed up for any races in the winter?

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    1. I was just thinking about how it gets so dark so early! If it isn’t the dark, soon enough it’ll be the snow and ice. I am not looking forward to treadmill season but it may be good for some speed (think happy thoughts right?) I haven’t signed up for any races buuuuuuut my eye has started to wander a bit. How about you?

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      1. haha..the atmosphere is amazing…the weather can be the crappy part. You never know what you are going to get at the end of March. I’ve ran it in -20C I’ve ran it in 20C…rain…snow..sun… From what I have heard from others, it is a 30km that runs like a full marathon. lol…

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  3. You aren’t part of the senior club!? Lmao. jk.

    Hey, you did more activity than I have done this week and I am the gym mon-saturday. Hiking is so good and does so much when you use trails and hills – definitely can be a bit difficult for beginners ( I have witnessed it). I love dogs, I am so happy they get to go out with you everywhere. They should become dog marathoners! lmfao! professionals – they could get sponsored. So question? I have noticed my nutrition hasn’t be good or bad either, but you said you don’t watch what you eat? so how do you know when it is a bad day? Lmao.
    Also, have you ever considered doing one of those obstacle course races?


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    1. Haha I don’t care what the calendar says; I can still act like a kid and love it. I wish they could run with me. One is a senior with a bum shoulder, one has a bad leg, and I can’t leave with just one. But we more than make up for it with lots of hikes and road trips. They actually have their own blog of adventures and they are “brand ambassadors” (sounds fancy huh?) for my sister-in-laws bandanna business. I should probably have worded the nutrition bit better. I don’t obsessively count calories but it was lacking in fruits and vegetables. Since I had a ton of Halloween candy left over…well it had to go somewhere…I’ve had people try and get me to do an obstacle race but they never really make it sound appealing. I’d rather just throw on my pack and go. Waiting in a line-up to get zapped by electric shocks… um no 😉

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      1. This is very true! I mean, you are 21 , live life! haha 😛 You are young everyday with that positive attitude! The dogs have their own blog of adventures? what? and brand ambassadors? no way! this is funny, yet so amazing! how in the world.. does that even happen?
        Why don’t you obsessively count calories? LOL. what is your opinion on calorie counting?
        You should check out the spartan race and tough mudder race, I think you could handle those with ease 😛
        Also have you thought about wanting to run away the world? like running from city to city or something like that?

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      1. You know what? this is true with many trainers, depending on their schedule and their other obligations. How I do it, is by training on my own for one hour then training with my client for one hour during the workouts I assign him. My motto is “if he does work, I do too” lol. Some trainers stand around watching surveying their clients and this isnt bad but lord knows it will come down to that at some point! but when and if I can I do the workout with my friend:D if I can’t do the workout, I dont make him do it – although if someone is stronger than me, that is fine, because as long as I can demonstrate the movement, I don’t need to lift as heavy as my future clients or whatever. if this makes sense.


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