Just Can’t Get Going

I have hardly been able to even look at my runners, never mind put them on since I finished the marathon.  I’ve spent a little bit of time in the gym, mostly on the elliptical since my hip has still been pretty tight so I’m really hesitant to do any weight work.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I have a problem with pushing myself too hard too fast.  It’s to the point where I almost don’t push at all out of an abundance of caution because, well, I can be an idiot.

I’m thinking this slump is twofold: a symptom of overtraining and the changing of the season.  I have made the decision that on Monday I am getting my ass in gear.  Doesn’t have to be, and let’s face it can’t be, anything hardcore.  But I have taken it too easy for too long and I’m going to lose all the gains that I made over the summer.  A little slack is okay but going right back to square one ain’t gonna happen.  The only reason why I’m not starting sooner is because I’m visiting a friend out of town so it’s a little bit of a sort of vacation.

And even though the fall is my favourite time of year, I sometimes find it a bit harder to get motivated.  I think it stems from the hibernation programming we have hardwired into our noggins to start preparing for the cold season.  It sounds good any way.

img_7802I haven’t been sitting on my rump the whole time though.  With the fall colours and mild temps, I’ve been trying to get my dogs out for as much time hiking as I can, which is not as much I would like around work.  Even that can be a bit problematic as we have a sizeable coyote population.  And one of my neighbours told me he heard pups which means the pack has plenty of mouths to feed.  I’m not worried about me but two of my dogs are little and, let’s just say, hmmmm how can I say this nicely… stubborn little monsters.

If you’re not aware of how coyotes hunt, it’s actually quite smart: the pack sends one out as a decoy.  It gamboles around or it may be a female in heat and lures unsuspecting prey to where the pack is waiting and from there, well I think you can fill in the blanks.

I used to live on a 100 acre farm and that’s kind of to be expected.  But now I live in a small town with about 100 acres of field space that is surrounded by houses.  Those fields are where I walk the dogs and I have seen coyotes at all hours of the day even though they are supposed to be mostly active at dawn and dusk.

Oh and one more complication?  There’s a local dog named Rex who has owners that let him roam around.  I’ll keep my opinions on that to myself.  Rex is a sweet boy and he sometimes joins us on our walks.  But once he actually led a coyote to us.  When I got my dogs on leash and rushed away from where I had last seen the coyote, I heard the pack erupt into howls that sounded like they were ALL AROUND US.  Whoeeeie did I ever hustle.

I’m good about keeping them close and watching around us since technically they aren’t supposed to be off leash (shhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone) so the few times that I have seen coyotes, I’ve been quick to get everyone back to me.

Hey that’s one way to get the old heart rate going.img_7803


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