Shakira was right…

The hips don’t lie.

And right now mine are cursing a blue streak at me.  Actually, it’s just my left hip but that sumbitch has teamed up with my lower back and the two of them are tag teaming me something fierce.  In fact a couple of days ago, I kept waking up with my lower back in knots. This is strange for me.  Yes I was hauling and stacking firewood (which I finally finished) but I’ve moved enough firewood in the past to make Paul Bunyan shake in his boots with nary a twitch.  I’m guessing that I’ve just exhausted too much of my muscles for too long.  So tomorrow I have a massage booked since I can’t get in to my miracle-working physiotherapist for a while.

I’ve also noticed that there is zero desire to really run or do much of anything besides walk my dogs.  I’m actually okay with it since the last thing I want to do is mess up my hip even worse than it already is.  Even the critters seem to be taking it easy.  Snuggles all around.

And with the changing season, I’m noticing that I’m craving different, more comforting foods.  Roast beef and mashed potatoes left me with plenty of left overs.  Like beef and soba noodle soup with carrots and broccoli.  Sandwiches with homemade wheat bread piled high with thinly sliced roast and potatoes and melted swiss cheese.  Seriously, add a mound of mashed potatoes to a roast beef sandwich.  Sublime.  Especially with some gravy for dipping.

A big ole messy bowl of happy.

There was a time when I would be in full on weight gain panic mode.  As in “OH MY GOD I ATE FOOD AND NOW I’M GOING TO PUT ON WEIGHT”.   I’m not quite sure what changed to make me appreciate this restive phase.  And it is just a phase.  Because, to paraphrase John Muir: the trails are calling and I must go.




8 thoughts on “Shakira was right…

  1. It is so good that you are listening to your body! And honestly- life is too short. Fall comfort foods are some of the best around so enjoy them 🙂 I know I end up craving those types too when the seasons change. Hope your hips is all healed up soon. Enjoy this season of rest!

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  2. Well I think your hip pain could be from just plain over use! You’ve done a lot this fall! if this helps at all, I take turmeric every day. You can get it in capsule form if you don’t want to use the spice in a tea or something. I find it has really helped with any hip thingy I have had. It helps with inflammation. And there is always Voltaren 😉

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