Well This is Quite the Pickle…

Mmmmmmm pickles.  Hang on…Ok just chugged some pickle juice and now I’m ready to type.  Seriously I just did.

So for some strange reason I signed up to run a marathon with some folks from work for charity.  I know no big deal right.  Except that it’s this Sunday.  Just over a month after running 50 miles (or 80 km for my Canadian brethren).  Now the theory was that I would be ramping back up and after that massive distance, well 42.2 km would be an easy run.

Except for a few small details.  First, even though I took the run fairly easy, my body was feeling some serious discomfort.  I mean the first time I tried to run, I felt like knives were stabbing into my hips.  I have a fairly active job which is good for keeping my body moving but all the gear I have to wear can be unpleasant.

And then there was the the vacation I went on.  For two weeks.  I had planned to work some exercise in during the trip but long hours on the roads and some dogs that aren’t really up to running and that plan was sidelined in a hurry since after a long day of travel, I just wanted to sleeeeeeeeeeep.

And I ate pie for lunch.  Not every day but there were a couple.  And lots of pizza.  And barbecue.  And oh maaaaaaaan did I find donuts.  And you know what?  I don’t regret it one bit.

We did get some spectacular hiking in but nowhere near what I needed.  Then last week, I thought “Hey I’m going to do a little bit of weight work”.  Well not one of my better ideas because my quads were screaming after a few short runs.  I mean it was nothing that I hadn’t done before and the weight was less than I had lifted for quite some time.  But those kettle bells really did a number on me.

Then just when I thought my legs had recovered, I went out and hit the roads.  The marathon is through Toronto so I needed to do some work on pavement.  A 15 km run Friday and then Sunday 21.1 km.  At first I felt OK.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be setting any land speed records.  I mean I still kind of think that I’m in a bit of a recovery phase anyway.  And speed is not my strong suit.  Then I got home, stretched and yoga’d (I think that’s a word) my booty off.  Spent yesterday hobbling around.

Today (Tuesday), I set out to run 10 km.  Called it after 5 because the burning in my quads was not fun.  It wasn’t getting worse but I figure I have five days (YIKES) to take care of this.

Now on the positive side, last year I ran the same marathon but was sorely undertrained because a concussion knocked me out (haha can you believe that was unintentional?) of training from July to September.  So I basically finished on a month’s worth of training.  And when I did the longer run on Sunday there are some killer hills that normally knock the stuffing out of me and this time I was able to get up them without feeling like my chest was going to explode.

So I’ll be happy to beat my time from last year and then pop Advil like tic tacs.  I’m kidding of course.  I’ll be dangling my mangled legs in Lake Ontario and cursing the day I ever picked up….no looked at…a pair of running shoes.

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