Summary – August 22 – 28

Life has a tendency of getting in the way it seems.  All I wanted to do was get in some serious training and usually during day shift, I’m able to get in two workouts: a short one over lunch and then a longer one after work while I waiting for traffic to die down.  Well that didn’t happen this week.  Overtime.  Almost every single day.

Not only does the overtime mess with training but by the time I’m heading home, the last thing I want to do is buy food and make lunches so I was buying food way too often and then by the time I dragged my sorry backside through the door, I barely had the energy to pour a bowl of cereal before crawling into bed.

Wednesday was a great run.  It was a totally naked run.  That’s right.  You read that right.  Naked.  No watch.  No phone.  No music.  Just me and the trail.  It was a bit weird for me since I’m somewhat obsessive about tracking runs.  To be honest, it wasn’t done intentionally: I had forgotten my watch, I had deleted the tracking app off my phone, and I set off onto trails so I don’t listen to music.  And I left my headlamp somewhere so I only had the last bit of daylight to run.  I felt powerful and strong as I rolled across the landscape, even tackling every hill that rose up underneath me.  There is one monster hill that looms over the preserve and I ran up it; not once but twice!

I took this after getting back to the car.

Then there was my long run on Saturday.  I expected to wake up feeling stiff as a board on Sunday but I was actually feeling pretty good.  I stepped out for an easy run and after about two kilometres I felt…weird.  I left a little buzzy and I actually had my vision go all pulse-like, kind of like that scene in the Matrix.  I can only put it down to inadequate refuelling from the run yesterday and poor hydration.  Rather than trying to push through it, I called it after 5 km and eased my way home to guzzle down a whole carton of coconut water.

On the positive side, I started to get my food mojo back after I finally cracked open the spirallizer that I bought I can’t remember when.  All I’ve made so far are zucchini noodles but the fact that I ate both noodles dishes with no pictures should say something.  The first time I made a tomato sauce of tomato paste pureed with sundries tomatoes, a clove of garlic, and some olive oil.  Then I tossed that into a fry pan with some chicken breasts that I had chopped and sautéed in coconut oil.  To the pan, I added salted and rinsed noodles.  In less than half and hour I had a decent meal.

The next night, I made more noodles but this time I fried up some bacon and then cooked the other chicken breast I had in the fat.  Added the noodles and grated over some fresh parmesan.  It was so good and so much fn to make noodles.  No veggie will be safe!  Mwahahahahahahahaha


Monday August 22 – treadmill 40 minutes hill intervals

Tuesday August 23 – Zip

Wednesday August 24 – about 30 minutes

Thursday August 25 – Zilch

Friday August 26 –  Nada

Saturday August 27 – 50 km trail run (7:12.07)

Sunday August 28 – 5 km road run (34.24)



7 thoughts on “Summary – August 22 – 28

  1. I relented to the treadmill too last week. Wasn’t horrible. I think it is not too bad if you don’t have to do it all the time. Boredom sets in and I am constantly looking at the readout. It is quite liberating though to go for a run without watch, phone or music. I do it on occasion too and I really should more often. Enjoying your blog a lot 🙂


  2. That trail run must have been brutal. But you finished it, which is super awesome. The 5K run must have been immensely satisfying. My time is ten minutes slower than yours because I vary my speed a lot when running. Not that I have fantasies of running a marathon. Just need to keep my stamina up for badminton games. Good job on keeping your motivation high. Best of luck out there. xo

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