Summary August 15-21

After I finished work on Monday, I dropped my car off for an oil change and left to cram in a long run.  That was the plan anyway.  I ran to Sunnybrook Park which is midtown Toronto.  It is a massive park with a system of trails that follows the Don River all the way to Lake Ontario.  It started out so well: nice and slow.  First I stayed on the paved trail but then I started on the dirt trails.  Up and down.  Movement easy and smooth.  All was good. Until I did a bit of off-roading when I misread a trail and had to slow to a crawl as I bushwhacked a little.  It didn’t help that I was wearing road shoes instead of trail shoes which would have given a teeny bit more stability and grip.  But the real problem was my socks.  I had grabbed a pair of thin socks with the little tab at the back.  On the road the tab isn’t a problem.  When you’re crashing through brush, there is the distinct possibility that you will end up with some of that brush embedded in your sock and no matter how many times you take your shoe off, you just will not be able to find that minuscule piece of offending vegetation.  And when some of that brush may be pieces of stinging nettle and it feels as though the skin along the back of your Achilles is being burned away, well it ruins a run really bloody quick and I called it after 20 km.  The other thing that I hadn’t really thought about was the humidity.  The trails at home are bearable.  The trails surrounded by a concrete jungle?  I might as well have been running in a snow suit while wearing a snorkel.

No problem.  I figured I’d make it up the following day.  And I did.  Sort of.  Let me tell you: if you want to feel badass go run in the rain.  Bonus points if your iPod starts playing “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter.  It was only 12 km but I was rocking it; until the thunder came.  At least a good chunk of that run was spadework which I am sorely lacking.  Hills too.  Dammit.

I went away for a couple of days but did tons of hiking.  Eating too but we don’t need to take about that.  All I will say is that there were donuts.

Then along rolled Friday.  Another short 10 km but part of it was another speed run.  I was sore and having some stiffness so I treated it as more of a stretchy run, planning to get in a couple of longer runs over the weekend.

At least I got to see this.

Saturday was back to work.  Day shift.  My least favourite shift of all.  So after fighting my way home, I went for another 10 km.  The longish run did not happen.  At all.  And staying up late to run just means that I won’t get to bed at a reasonable hour and won’t fall asleep for even longer than that.  And needing to maintain a degree of alertness is really important.

Sunday?  Overtime!  Of course.  Why on earth would I want to do something that I like to do instead of being at work until dark and coming back to work when it’s still dark?


Monday August 15 – 20 km run (2:37.33)

Tuesday August 16 – 12 km run (1:15.33)

  • 40 minutes yoga

Wednesday August 17 – nothing

Thursday August 18 – zip

Friday August 19 – 10 km (1:02.51)

Saturday August 20 – 10 km (1:03.10)

Sunday August 21 – zilch

Total distance: 52 km

Well definitely not the week I had hoped for.  But I did discover that I like watermelon and feta salad.  Amazing after a run with a sprinkle of kosher salt and chiffonade of mint.IMG_7308



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