Summary August 8-14

With a good long run at the start of the week, I expected to do some SERIOUS training.  I was also on night shift and I usually can’t sleep past 3:00 pm which leaves me plenty of time to take care of the dogs and get in a run and pack some good food.  And I can usually squeeze in a short workout over my lunch.

Well none of that happened.  I ended up sleeping later than normal almost every day and the dogs will always come first over a run.  So rather than a longer run, I would come back from the walk and get in a short run.  I figure it’s better than nothing.  I wish I could run with them but one is a senior with a bum shoulder so the best he can do it a fast waddle. Oddly I’m not much faster than him…

Now I know that I could have set my alarm and gotten up sooner but the way I look at it is this: sleep is important for recovery.  Sleep is also important when you’re going to be up all night and have to have some semblance of awareness.  So if I’ not naturally waking up earlier, then I obviously need it.  And I’m a bit of an insomniac so I’ll get it when I can.

Things were busy at work too so no workouts over lunch.  The grocery store is a 20 minute drive away so I didn’t have much of a chance to get anything.

On top of all of that, the hot and humid weather made it not only uncomfortable but often dangerous for working out, with humidex values well over 40.  I know for some folks that’s normal, well here in southern Ontario it sure ain’t.  And I’m not a hot weather person.  Snow storms? Bring ’em on.  Blizzards?  Hell ya!  Sunshine and humidity?  I wilt like a delicate flower.

We also had a few thunderstorms and while I have no problem with rain, lightning is where I draw the line.  Maybe that’s just me looking for excuses, but I have been relatively injury free for a while and I don’t want to change that with less than a month to go from my first ultra (gulp).

Here is my summary.  I don’t include the dog walks which are usually about an hour.

Monday August 8 – 35 km run (4:59.26)

Tuesday August 9 – rest

Wednesday August 10 – 5 km (33.08)

Thursday August 11 – 30 minutes yoga

Friday August 12 – 30 minutes elliptical and weights:

  • Upright row while standing on a BOSU ball
  • Plank with forearms on BOSU ball
  • Bench Press with barbells on exercise ball
  • High Lat Pulldown
  • Bent-leg deadlift
  • Lunge
  • Heel Raise

Saturday August 13 – 5 km (34.21)

Sunday August 14 – slept in until I almost had to leave.  Oops

And on the food front?  Weeellllllllll not too bad but not great either.  The highlight was take out sushi.  Ginger is supposed to be good for digestion.  Rice is a carb.  Fish is loaded with protein.  Tempura vegetables and shrimp are good for you right?  I mean they ARE vegetables…come on work with me here.

Hopefully with better weather and a stretch of days off I can get back on track.


6 thoughts on “Summary August 8-14

  1. Nice work though on the 35km run. Are you training for anything in particular? Training here for the 25km Run for the Toad. And you are so right, last week was brutal for running. This week…much better 🙂


      1. Haha WOW! Good on you! Make sure you post all about it. 🙂 I am contemplating a 50k next spring…never did one yet. yikes!


      1. Honestly, I lost track how many times I ‘ve done this one. Such a great race. People are awesome and the organization is fantastic. The lunch after…well…that’s what keeps me coming back So good.

        Liked by 1 person

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