Summary August 1 – 7

A few ups and a few downs this week and I’m not talking about terrain.  Monday I took as a rest day.  I figured I deserved to treat my feet a little. And the fact that I finished work at 5 am and then had to be back at 3 pm left little time for a run.

I did some work on the treadmill seeing as how I haven’t gotten around to replacing my water bottle yet and with the heat, there was no way I was going to do anything without some kind of fluids.  And maybe I’m being a bit of a diva, but I like having a strap around my hand so that I don’t have to actually grip a bottle.  If I just took out a regular bottle of water, I’d be tensing which I’ve found leads to stiffness elsewhere.  So suck it up and run inside.

After a rest on Thursday, I packed in a few big runs.  Unfortunately my plans for a long run on Sunday went a little sideways.  I went to the farmers market and took my dogs to a nice cafe for lunch.  I thought I had left enough time to get a long run in before meeting a friend for a movie.  Nope.  So my big plan was to do two shorter runs.  I got in a fast (for me) 10 km before but then a plate of nachos and pint of beer and long catch up after the movie killed that big plan.  I made up for it on Monday let me tell ya.

Monday August 1 – rest

Tuesday August 2 – 5 km on treadmill with 1 minute intervals (30 minutes)

Wednesday August 3 – 10 km on treadmill (57:26 minutes)

Thursday August 4 – rest

Friday August 5 – 15 km (1:39.49)

Saturday August 6 – 20 km (2:21)

Sunday August 7 – 10 km (58.38)

Total Distance 60 km

On a side note, Sunday’s run was the first time I did 10 km in under an hour on the road in a very long time so I was very pleased with that.  Still slower than I would like but it’s an improvement.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t done any weights until later.  I’m a little disappointed in myself for that but when I have a set amount of time and I have to choose to run or lift, at this stage of the game, run wins out every time.

Now on the food front.  With the long hours, I had not had a chance to get to the grocery store so I was left to forage for myself.  The best (or maybe worst) part about working in downtown Toronto is all of the food options available.  I certainly made the most of those options.  I was going to post pictures but I have a really bad habit of waiting until I’m starving before eating so when I finally do get my food, I tear through it and then go “maybe I should share this” but by that point it doesn’t quite look as appetizing; in fact it looks down right horrifying.

So instead, I took this picture partway through my 20 km run.  This is a field near my house.  I walk my dogs here during the day and was lucky to run through here at dusk.




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