Summary July 25 – 31

I think this week has been the most that I have ever run.  I’m happy with that in itself but I also spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights on my feet walking all night long at work. I didn’t track that distance since it was a lot of slow meandering.  I actually looked at the walking as training for staying moving while tired.  And my hours were shifted to almost be a night shift so the fact that I was even able to drag my sorry ass into work early deserves an award.

However I did do something kind of silly: I figured that I would do some weights and that the walking would flush out the lactic acid and I would not have sore legs.  Well that backfired.  Spectacularly.  I was hurting pretty bad and the few times that I did sit down it was extremely hard to get back up.  You would think that I would know better by now.

While I did well in the exercise department, the diet was less than stellar.  I mean it wasn’t horrible…there was most of a plate of nachos consumed Thursday night.  Then a few slices of pizza Friday night.  A porchetta sandwich Saturday night.  And a burrito on Sunday night.  But at least the burrito was fish so that’s lots of protein right?


The continued heat and humidity didn’t help at all and I broke my handheld water bottle on Wednesday (that’s a story with several parts that I’ll post later).

Monday July 25 – 10 km (1:10.05) and weights

Tuesday July 26 – 30 kms (4:15.22)

Wednesday July 27 – 10 kms (1:09.56)

Thursday July 28 – 30 minutes elliptical

Friday July 29 – Treadmill 10.43 kms (1:04.51)

Saturday July 30 – 30 minutes elliptical and weights

Sunday July 31 – Treadmill 9.1 kms (65 minutes)

Total running distance – 69.53 kms





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