Summary – August 22 – 28

Life has a tendency of getting in the way it seems.  All I wanted to do was get in some serious training and usually during day shift, I’m able to get in two workouts: a short one over lunch and then a longer one after work while I waiting for traffic to die down.  Well… Continue reading Summary – August 22 – 28

Shut up Brain – Thoughts on the Long Run

As you’ll see in the summary, there was next to no running this week (bloody work).  As much as I know that a long run with no prep runs beforehand doesn’t go well, I picked Saturday for it because it was supposed to be the coolest day for a while. And when I took the… Continue reading Shut up Brain – Thoughts on the Long Run

Long Run August 8

I really enjoyed this run and I’m not sure why.  I’ve begun to think of them less as tedious slogs to get through to improve distance and time on feet and increase mitochondria and test gear and nutrition.  I’ve come to think of them as adventures.  I don’t really pay attention to my time and… Continue reading Long Run August 8

Have all the Animals Gone Mad?

Usually when I go for my runs, I’m alone; no packs of runners or strollers or cyclists blasting by on the sidewalk.  I don’t even have a sidewalk.  Most of the time I run quiet dirt roads with the occasional car that will creep past.  Recently that was a different story. I was running along one… Continue reading Have all the Animals Gone Mad?

Summary July 25 – 31

I think this week has been the most that I have ever run.  I’m happy with that in itself but I also spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights on my feet walking all night long at work. I didn’t track that distance since it was a lot of slow meandering.  I actually looked at the… Continue reading Summary July 25 – 31