Sometimes the Drama is After the Run

July 25 – It.  Was.  Hot.  So hot.  In the interest of avoiding overtraining and dehydrating, it was just a short 10 km run around my local dirt roads.  Needless to say the run slow since the air was so thick you could actually feel it wrapping around you.

As I was walking home my neighbour, who does triathlons, was starting his run and cracked that I’m supposed to be running and not walking.  My heat-addled brain wasn’t quite functioning and the best I could gasp out was that I was cooling down.  Then once he’s well past, I think of all kinds of witty retorts: “Hey I was waiting and you were late” or “You’re not the boss of me!” or “$*@)%!!”

Then when I took the dogs to the river to cool off, one of them decided to wander off on his own.  He’s a stubborn little jerk sometimes but after he was gone for a while, I got out of the river to go look for him.  I scratched my legs to pieces as I stomped around the bush.  I climbed back into the river and had to make my way through knee-deep silty mud that was between the bank and the water.  I pulled one leg out then had to stick my arm in almost to the shoulder to find my sandal that I pulled up wrapped in a fistful of reeds.  I went stomping back up the river then back down, calling for him the whole time.  Then finally he pops out from between some grass and just looked at me like nothing was wrong.

The dogs…before the runaway.  The escapee is at the top left.

After walking back home, muttering to myself the whole time about how he’s lucky I love him and the other two stay close, I did a very short weight training session.  No sliding off balls for me, just simple lower body exercises that didn’t involve a ton of focus.


10 km (1:10.05)


Lunge with Bosu (3 sets, 12 reps 25 lb dumbbells)

Slow squats (3 sets, 12 reps, 25 lb plate)

Bent leg deadlifts (3 sets, 12 reps, 70 lbs)


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