Well This Week Was a Write Off

July 18 – 24, 2016

Sometimes working shifts is great for training.  And other times it’s not.  Like this week.

Usually when I’m working days, I can get in a short workout over my lunch and then a longer one after work as I wait for traffic to die down.

Well this week I had overtime almost every day and on Wednesday I stayed later for a work function which meant that I got next to no sleep at all.  Self-inflicted, I know.

I tried to head home early on Thursday but I wasn’t able to leave as early as I wanted.  It took over two hours to get home and I was so pissed with everything that I ordered a pizza and destroyed half of it as I watched episode after episode of River Monsters.  I know that I should have gone for a run but I was so tired I could barely stand, let alone move.  I actually fell asleep with a slice in hand as I was sitting on the couch.

Chicken Bacon Caesar Pizza.  Just because.

Then there was the food hangover to deal with the next morning. Far from pretty, especially at 4:00 am.

Greek yogurt, dried pineapple, almonds with a cold brew coffee.  Food hangover food.

Saturday we were back into a major heat wave so I was just able to manage 6 km but with poor hydration and high humidity, I started to feel light-headed so called it quits.

Sunday, well Sunday was a bit more fun.  There’s an abandoned road that I’ve been wanting to check out and I figured today was as good a day as any.

I was backtracking my way home when I noticed the stands of bushes and slammed on the brakes when I saw the berries glistening in the shade.  I ate mouthful after mouthful to refuel…yeah…that’s it.

By the time I got back home, I was drenched and took the dogs for a swim.  And there I was walking down the stream when I lost my footing and fell, slamming by knee onto a submerged log.  I run 16 km with barely a mark but scrape my knee as I’m cooling off.  A recovery smoothie of coconut water, frozen banana, protein powder, and cacao nibs helped  ease the slow swelling of my knee.


So here is the break down of the weeks training. Don’t worry; its short:

Sunday July 17             Elliptical – 40 minutes

Wednesday July 20     Elliptical – 40 minutes

Saturday July 23           Road run – 6 km (43:15.7)

Sunday July 24              Road run – 16.1 km or 10 miles (1:59.35)


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