Plans Thwarted (July 14-17)

July 14, 2016

With my legs still screaming, I decided to make today a cross-training day.  The heat and humidity were still oppressive even with all of the windows open in my workout room.  After 30 minutes on the elliptical, I was soaked and there were sweat drops on the floor all around me.

Then I decided to throw some weights around.  I like combining different exercises and usually try to incorporate at least some balance work with each weight session, usually either an exercise ball or a BOSU ball.  Today I chose the exercise ball.  Maybe not the best choice because the plastic gets slippery when wet…and I was wet.  I kept sliding all over the place making challenging moves more difficult than they needed to be and by the end of the session, I felt exhausted.

After that, I took the dogs for a swim and to chill my legs in the creek before sitting in the backyard to recover with a massive smoothie made of baby spinach, frozen bananas, almond milk, ginger, chia seeds, and ground flax.IMG_7131.JPG

Elliptical 30 minutes (3.5 miles)


Jack knife to push-up using an exercise ball (8 reps/3 sets)

  • Start in push-up position with shins resting on an exercise ball then bring knees towards chest and back out.  Once in the starting position, do a push-up

Hamstring curl using exercise ball(12 reps/3 sets)

  • Lie on back on floor with calves resting on exercise ball

Woodchoppers with 10 lb medicine ball(12 reps/3 sets)

Slow squats – 25 lbs(12 reps/3 sets)

  • Holding a weight plate against chest or bar over shoulders, slowly lower into a squat for a count of 3 seconds, pause then stand up

Bent-leg deadlift – 70 lbs(12 reps/3 sets)

July 15, 2016

It’s cooled down…a bit…not really.   But I dragged my ass out for a run and somehow slogged through 12 km in a very easy 1:19.49.

Hello little friend that scared me as much as I scared him.

July 16, 2016

I’m a shift worker so today I went back to work.  Ever have one of those days where just breathing feels like work?  Well that was today.  I was able to drag myself onto the elliptical during my lunch but after 25 minutes, I stopped and figured I’d go for a run after work.  Then I ended up getting stuck at work and having to do over two hours of overtime.  I was so exhausted that when I finally got home, all I wanted was chicken wings and a beer.  Hey at least the wings were baked and the beer was light (Bud Light Lime which is great with wings).

July 17, 2016

I felt a bit more together today and jumped back on the elliptical to do 40 minutes of hill repeats during lunch.   And again my plans for a post-work run were sidetracked by over time.  At least I was able to resist the call of pizza on the way home.  Fingers crossed that I can finally go for a run tomorrow.

Total run distance this week: 52 kms

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